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Any good recipe needs to have the right blend of ingredients. Similarly, every good contact centre operation also needs to find ‘that perfect mix’ to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Here, we look at what different elements need to be brought to the table by businesses today to give their customers the best possible experience.

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  • Technology
  • Resources
  • Processes
  • Collaboration across your business


  1. Technology is a vital ingredient of any modern contact centre recipe. Look to implement a platform that helps you quickly respond to customers from any channel at any time and that delivers actionable intelligence to drive ongoing improvement. Make sure you buy in high-quality products that allow you to differentiate your company’s service, as well as gain feedback and build customer loyalty. The solutions you choose should allow you to add applications, as your finances dictate, so that you don’t have to purchase everything on day one, but can add capability as and when you need – and have sufficient budget – to do so.
  2. Think about the resources you have today. Do you have the right blend of skills? Are agents being scheduled in correctly. Are you matching their skills and experience to your contact centre queues and serving up each interaction to the most appropriately skilled agent available? Do your agents have a pathway to each other and the wider business so they can route enquiries to the relevant expert? If you want to end up with great results, you’ll need to have all of this in place.
  3. You might have the best contact centre technology and the best resources in the world but you still won’t achieve very much unless you have the right processes in place. To get it right, you will need to check that each process is working as smoothly as possible to ensure efficiency. Ultimately, it is all about mapping and then testing the customer journey; ensuring systems are integrated and well connected to allow seamless handoffs and building a culture that fosters collaboration between departments and with customers, suppliers and partners. It’s often difficult to bring all that and more to the boil at the same time – but without it, your contact centre recipe will fall flat.
  4. Getting the right combination of technology, resources and processes will help you to turn your business into a connected enterprise. It’s about bringing all your ingredients together to achieve the perfect mix. Collaboration is the key. The Presence functionality in UC applications such as Microsoft’s Skype for Business can help agents access help from staff working in the front and back office to help resolve complex customer queries quickly and efficiently.

The ingredients are key to any contact centre recipe, of course, but for the best results you need to find the perfect blend.

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